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An innovative retirement proposal that eliminates poverty for all future generations of Americans

RISE is a permanent and completely self-funding way to ensure that all
future generations of Americans can enjoy a financially secure retirement.
No government funding needed. No cost to taxpayers.

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The U.S. Retirement Crisis

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Ric Edelman Compares Cory Booker’s Baby Bonds to the RISE Proposal

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An Alternative to RISE:
The T.R.U.S.T. Fund for America

Read RISE’s predecessor proposal – Tomorrow’s Retirement for the U.S. Today Fund for America – and decide which of the two you prefer.

Ben Franklin’s
Last Will & Testament

Inventor, publisher, scientist, diplomat – and the only person in history to implement the concept underlying the RISE proposal. Read the fun and fascinating story of Ben’s bequests to Boston and Philadelphia – gifts they couldn’t touch for 200 years.